Rapper Fails Reading Exam…

I’ve been doing some blog reading lately. Not just any random blogs but choice blogs. This week I’ve been reading up on music marketing and social networking. The reason I decided to read up on these topics is because I was starting to lose followers on twitter and was seeing less likes on Facebook and I didn’t understand why. So I found a few blog post on http://diymusician.cdbaby.com/
About these topics. By reading these blogs I found out that most of the stuff I was doing was WRONG. Like don’t try to “force” people to listen to your music because you don’t have to. There’s an audience for everyone but everyone is not your audience!
I found this out the hard way. Funny story: I was on twitter sending out tweets to any and everyone who was tweeting at the time. I sent a tweet to one guy, “hey check out my new song!” His reply was “Im not a producer!” Now I’m guessing this guy was very popular on twitter because that tweet got retweeted a number of times and replies to his tweet saying something along the lines of “what the hell was wrong with that guy lol” I was embarrassed and didn’t tweet anymore that night but I got over it I think haha. Anyway moral of the story is if your serious about you craft do your homework! All of this could have been avoided with a little reading. So what do you think? Do you think rappers should read more about music and how to properly use social networks for promotion? I would love to know your thoughts on this subject.

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