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“See what happens when you just get up and do it” I said to my self that morning. I had been riding in a car with no heat for a year. I endured through that winter it stop working, then summer came….”no need for heat now right?” I thought to myself paying no mind to the fact that winter would soon return. Sometimes I was just being lazy but majority of the time I was afraid of how much it would cost. I went to the dealership where I got the car from and they wanted $99 just to look at it…”Nevermind” I said. I’ll just put on more clothes. After that I lived with the thought that anyplace that I take the car to get fixed would over charge me just to look at it, so I never tried. Well, winter is here again and I’ve been beating myself up about not having the money to get it fixed and being embarrassed to give anyone a ride. My aunt made a suggestion this morning “why don’t you take it to joe’s up the street.” She has made that same suggestion a number of times but I never paid it any mind because I thought it would cost a lot. But this time I said “you know what, lets try” I went there and they told me what was wrong for free and fixed it for a very reasonable price. It was that simple. I had just been overthinking the problem which lead to my procrastination. “See what happens when you just get up and do it”

– James T. Allen

I must admit I sometimes get lost. The path I have chose is not easy at all. My dream and goal is to be able to make a healthy income from what I love to do which is make music. So how do I get people to buy in and how do I raise awareness of James Allen? That’s the question I have yet to be able to answer. I have the talent but I lack marketing skills….So my next step is acquiring the knowledge I need to get to the next level.

– James T. Allen